About our Studio

The studio has been renovated recently. It has a general office, a conference room, a library, a kitchen and a reception with a waiting area. The four partners sit in one large room instead of separate cabins, even the general office is designed as one large space instead of separate cubicles. The intension being to encourage more dialogue when working and to keep every one approachable at all times. Group discussions and debates form part of the process of every project. The library and conference room are the spaces where these discussions and debates take shape over a cup of coffee and presentations.

The studio has always been and continues to be a place where friends and colleagues are invited to share ideas and get feedback on each others work.

The design team consists of six architects and two Interns. The engineering department has four engineers and two quantity surveyors along with an office support staff of four people. We aim to strengthen it by five more architects and two engineers by the end of this year.

The studio uses ArchiCAD, for design, 3D modeling and working drawings. The software being 3 - dimensional CAD software generates 3Ds, sections etc while working in plans. There is also a dedicated model making team.

Architects' Combine 1956